Agent Registration

You can open a Travel Agency account with us in 2 easy steps. Begin by filling in your organization details below as well as the details of the primary agent, who will serve as the administrator of your account. Once your registration is complete and we have activated your account, you will be able to register additional agents by completing the Agent Registration form. If you have any questions, please contact us at



*Terms and Conditions Agency acknowledges that travel agency booking account is a courtesy service by Air Ayiti Airlines and will not generate any agency commissions or other compensation. Agents are responsible for ensuring accurate passenger information including Secure Flight Passenger Data as well as safeguarding customer financial data. Furthermore, agent is responsible for communicating all fare rules and restrictions with customers. This account is subject to review and cancellation at any time by Air Ayiti Airlines. Evidence of financial mismanagement may result in suspension and /or the immediate and permanent cancellation of the account. Agency acknowledges that Air Ayiti Airlines may update, revise and enhance the travel agency portal from time to time and that might render the site out of service on rare occasion. Air Ayiti Airlines staff will offer all possible support for account holders in good standing.

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